Here’s Why Sandwiches Remain One of the Most Popular Food Items

Sandwiches remain one of the most popular food items all over the world. The basic template remains the same to this day.

All you need to do is take two slices of your favourite bread and spread it with your favourite sauce and items. This simplicity has somehow resulted in an infinite number of sandwiches inspired by the food eating habits in different cultures. From simple homemade PB&Js to the luxurious creations made in five-star hotels, sandwiches have stood the test of time.

Here are some of the reasons why sandwiches remain popular.

The Origins of the Sandwich

Many of us don’t know that the first sandwich was made by the Earl of Sandwich, also known as John Montagu. Pierre-Jean Grosley, a French writer, published a book in the 1700s by the name of Londres. In it, he wrote, “A minister of state passed four and twenty hours at a public gaming-table, so absorpt in play, that, during the whole time, he had no subsistence but a piece of beef, between two slices of toasted bread, which he eat without ever quitting the game. This new dish grew highly in vogue, during my residence in London; it was called by the name of the minister who invented it.” These few lines forever tied The Earl to the creation of the sandwich.

Why are Sandwiches Popular?

Sandwiches are popular all over the world because most ingredients pair well with bread. And the many types of bread only increase the variety of sandwich recipes. What makes a sandwich even more common around the world is the ease with which it can be made. If you have leftover roast beef in your fridge, you can create a delicious sandwich by placing bits of the beef between your choices of grain.

Popular Sandwiches in the World

In India, the Bombay Sandwich is a vegetarian option that is filled with cucumber, beets, potatoes, and chutney. In Pakistan, the Bun Kebab is the most popular street food. The sandwich consists of a patty or kebab that is placed between two slices of buns in addition to onions, tomatoes, and chutney. The Doner Kebab in Turkey is a popular sandwich in many parts of the Middle East. The doner kebab is placed in between a flatbread with some veggies and spreads.

In the US, the Po’Boy is a versatile sandwich that uses French bread but can be filled with beef, crab meat or fish. You can also add veggies, mayonnaise, pickles and hot sauce. In Canada, Peameal Bacon is made of bacon inside a Kaiser roll, along with mustard.

club sandwich

African street food includes a classic sandwich in between two slices of a baguette sandwich. The authentic sandwich is served with your choice of meat, onions, tomatoes, and sauces that give it exquisite flavours. At Baguette Brochette, you can order the sandwich by placing an order online.