The 6 Best Bread for Sandwiches

Sometimes, you may want to eat something simple like a sandwich, instead of a more complicated meal.

While making a sandwich may seem deceptively easy, there is a bit more to it than placing fillings between two slices of bread. One of the factors that ensure your sandwich is perfect is the type of bread that you use. But how do you choose which bread to use, and how many choices are there? We have listed some of the best options for you.

1.     Bread Rolls

A roll is a small and fluffy piece of bread that can be eaten on its own or used to make a sandwich. These bread rolls are very soft and easily soak up any sauce and gravy, which makes it unsuitable to make hearty sandwiches. If you want to add meatballs, pulled pork, tomatoes, or roast beef this bread won’t do. These dinner rolls are perfect as a side with your dish and use them to soak up the delicious flavours of the dish.

2.     Brioches

Brioche is a sweeter option that works with almost everything. The brioche has a fluffy texture that works well with saltier options. You can also use the sweetness to accentuate sweet flavours like jams, peanut butter, and chocolate spreads. You can use brioche for breakfast and create delicious and healthy sandwiches such as Brioche with prosciutto, gruyère and egg.

3.     Wraps

While some may argue that wraps are not sandwiches, we have added them to the list. The wrap gives you a different look and taste to classic sandwiches. Pita bread, chapatti or naan can be filled with kebabs or falafels, and various sauces. Wraps are strong enough to even include heavier elements.

4.     Sourdoughs

Sourdoughs are small circular bread made with yeast and have a sour taste. This bread is a classic in homes and very popular with sandwiches. A BLT is a common sandwich that is made using the three ingredients, bacon, tomato and lettuce. The bread’s chewy center and crispy crust work perfectly with most ingredients.            

5.     Oil-Based Loaves

Focaccia is a flat, oil-based, oven-baked loaf. The bread is flavourful enough to be eaten on its own but can be used to make sandwiches as well. You can make sandwiches with zucchini, pesto, and mushrooms that complement the Italian flavours of the bread.

6.     Baguettes

Many of you will be aware of the popular French bread, a Baguette. The long roll can be sliced into smaller slices and used with a variety of dishes. You can use the bread for garlic bread and Bruschetta. These open-faced sandwiches can be used as delicious appetizers.

a basket of Swiss buns

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