What Are The Favorite Sandwich Fillings For Canadians?

Canadian sandwiches are famous throughout the world for their delicious taste and variety. Canadians have some particular fillings unique to each region that make their sandwiches so tasty. From smoked beef to bacon, there’s a sandwich for everyone. You can find most of these in local restaurants and cafés along with many variations of them. Here are the ones we like the best.

Bacon Filling

One of the simplest and yummy sandwich filling Canadians love is the classic bacon filling. The sandwich consists of thick slices of fried pork topped with mustard, ketchup, and lettuce. The variations of this sandwich include cheese, boiled or fried eggs, tomatoes, pickles, and smoked veggies. The smokiness of the pork and the juices absorb well in the bun and give it its signature moist texture and taste, while the condiments and toppings enrich your taste buds with exquisite flavors. The end result is a simple yet delicious sandwich.

Smoked Salmon

Smoked salmon is a tricky ingredient to use, especially when paired in a sandwich. The sandwich has several variations depending on the preference of the locals. The main ingredient, salmon, needs to be cooked just right in order to maintain its texture which can quickly turn into rubber if cooked long. Once the salmon is smoked, it can be paired with lettuce, condiments, additional patties, and even veggies.

Montreal Smoked Meat

Montreal smoked meat is the name of a dry-cured cut of brisket beef. The cut is rich in spices, including garlic, mustard, and sugar. Before slicing, the meat is steamed. The simple version of this recipe includes rye bread with toppings such as mustard, pickles, lettuce, and onions. Some variations of the sandwich involved pickled onions and olives and using baguette bread. It is served with a side of fries or chips.

Chicken And Beef Mix

Chicken and beef sandwich is a classic Canadian sandwich that uses small pieces of chicken and beef with a variety of condiments and veggies to complete the sandwich. You can even find ones with cheese and pickles in them. Additionally, you can find ones that use different broths and sauces in them too.

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